Pomeroy Wash., Historic District

Downtown Pomeroy Historic District

Join Editor E. T. Wilson in a Walk Up and Down the Main Street of 1882 from the Pomeroy Republican

Gas Stations of Pomeroy

The restaurants of Pomeroy's past

North Side of Main Street

1 Mission Shell/Herres Service Dept

2 Parlet Building

3 McKeirnan Storage

4 First National Bank of Pomeroy

North 7th Street

5 City Hall and Fire Station

6 Masonic Temple

7 Telephone Exchange Building

Main, east of North 7th Street

8 Old National Bank of Spokane

8A Peoples Market

9 Meyers Harness Shop

10 Campbell-Gerhardt Building

11 Christopherson Jewelry/Post Office

12 Richardson Buildiong

13 Garfield County Courthouse

Main, east of North 8th Street

14 Stevenson Hardware/Chard Building

15 Pomeroy Hotel

16 The Palace Store

17 A.D. Fox & Son Building

18 People's Market/O.K. Tire Shop

19 Belknap Insurance

20 Stanley's O.K. Rubber Welders

21 Krouse's Machine Shop

22 Electric Service Station

23 City County Fire Department

24 Schnecklothl/Waldher Service Station

South side of Main Street, west of 10th Street

25 Moore brothers Garage

26 American Legion Post #38

27 Christensen Machine/Dixon Garage

28 Knettle Grand Theatre

29 Pomeroy Tractor Company

South side of Main, west of 9th Street

30 E.M. Rauch Implements & Hardware

31 Hart and Ketchum Building

32 W.F. Cluster Building

33 The Knettle Building/The Fair

34 Knettle State Bank

35 Wenning Building

36 U.S. Post Office

South side of Main, west of South 8th Street

37 Pomeroy Mercantile

38 C.W. Black Buidling

39 Hazelton Building

40 Kuykendall Block

41 Mulkey Block/McKeirnan's Hardware

42 McEnery Block

43 Gammon Block

44 Central Drug Store

45 Pomeroy Savings/Elsensoln/Cardwell Building

South side of Main, west of South 7th Street

46 St George Hotel/Hotel Revere

47 (Currently Empty Lot)

48 Telephone Building

49 (Currently Empty Lot)

50 Herres Farm & Home Supply

51 Pacific Power & Light Office

52 Farley Business Block

Off of Main Street

South 6th Street

53 Pomeroy Steam Laundry

South 7th Street

54 Maple Hall

55 Ron's Electri/Flynn's Electric

56 New Seeley Theatre & Opera House

57 McKeirnan Hardware & Implements

Columbia Blvd

58 McKeirnan Repair & Garage

59 (currently vacant lot)

60 Oregon Railway & Navigation Co. Depot

61 Oregon Railway & Navigation Co. Depot

62 (Currently Vacant Lot)

Ancillary and Non-Historic District Buildings

A. The Owl Service Station

B. Summers Shell Station, now Tom Herres' Second Shop (SW corner 6th & Main)

F. Holiday Lanes/Eagles Club/PF Convenience/ PDQ Mart/ Pirate Pit Stop

H. Bagby's Lone Star (Pioneer Restaurant, Alibi Tavern

K. Huyette's/Kozy Korner / Doug's Texaco & Cafe

L. Pomeroy Grange Supply/4 Star/Cenex

D. Richardson-Brown Funeral Home

E. Damron's Flower Shop (Boyer garage, 11th Street)


G. O-So-Good-In -> The Short Stop ... Donna's -> Tonya's

I. General Tractor/Do-It Best Hardware

J. (Pape Machinery?)/Vacant

C. Martin's Super-Duper --> Pomeroy Foods

T. Tum-A-Lum Lumber / USPS

S. Butcher / Creamery --> Clipper's

U. Hospital/Nursing Home

?. Museum


M. Methodist Church

N. Holy Rosary Church and Rectory

Z. Nazarene Church

O. Saint Peter's Episcopal

P. First Christian Church

Q. Odd-Fellows Hall/Baptist Church

E. Assembly of God

V. Dodge Junction Inn

W. Pataha Cafe

?. Stillson's

Business listings from 1953 Dayton, Pomeroy, Waitsburg and Vicinity Telephone Directory
published by The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company