Mckeirnan Hardware Bilding, 2021

Display windows mostly covered for privacy, the McKeirnan Hardware Building is now a private residence

McKeirnan Hardware and Implements (Site ID 57)

Current (2021) address: 99 South 7th Street
1953 address: 854 Columbia, Telephone 50

Classification: Historic Contributing

Burlingame Hall (also known as Seeley Hall), constructed in 1879, was moved to this site in 1913 when the New Seeley Theatre & Opera House was constructed. The Hall was demolished in the 1930s.

The McKeirnans purchased the lot in 1945 and began construction of their new store and show room in 1946. R.J. McKeirnan, shortly before his death in 1938, designed the Moderne/Art Deco style building. The building was not erected until 1946 because of the Depression and World War II. McKeiman's heirs, however, constructed R.J.'s original design after World War II. The $25,000 building had modern canted showroom windows on two elevations. The structure is now used as a residence.

The one-story concrete structure, has decorative ribbing along the top of the spandrel and along the edge of the concrete canopy sheltering the display windows. The steel frame display windows are slightly canted out at the top to deflect reflections. Concrete pilasters separate the display windows, and a rectangular bay on the northwest comer has a vertical row of glass block. Rounded concrete stairs on the southwest comer lead up to the double entrance doors that have large central glass panes.

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

Happy faces behind the counter of McKeirnan's Hardware and Implements

The "side" entrance to McKeirnan's Hardware and Implements down on Columbia Street


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