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Pomeroy Historic District: Mulkey Block building as of summer 2021

The Mulkey Block as seen in Summer, 2021

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Mulkey Block/McKeirnan's Hardware (Site ID 41)

Current (2021) address: 752 Main Street
1953 address: 853 Main Street

Classification: Historic, Contributing

The Mulkey Block was constructed in 1901 by Logan Mulkey after the 1900 Pomeroy fire. According to the 2 March 1901 East Washingtonian, Allen's Confectionery Store and a hardware store occupied the two storefronts. Around 1910, Raphael J. McKeirnan purchased the building for his implement business. (McKeiman was bom in Garfield County in 1884 and returned to Pomeroy in 1908 after graduating from college.) He then started an implement business that he operated until his death in 1938. Family members continued to operate McKeiman's Hardware at this location until 1946 when the company moved part of their business to their new building on Seventh and Columbia streets. Other uses of the building include a furniture and appliance repair shop. Following the December, 1959, fire which destroyed their business in the Seeley Block, Brown's Drug Store moved into this building. ir The Pomeroy Pharmacy currently occupies the building.

The one-story painted brick building has a cornice decorated with a central peaked parapet with recessed signage panels flanked by narrow pilasters with rounded caps, five bays separated by cast-iron columns and one brick pilaster, painted over transom windows with a support beam above, and one recessed entrance with a wood and glass door (eastern end).

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
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The Kuykendall Block and Mulkey Block as they appear in 2021 as Pomeroy Pharmacy. This page is dedicated to the Mulkey Block, which is on your right.

The M'Keirnans outlasted the end of Roosevelt's depression and WWII and are now beginning work on their new building!

Excavation work on the basement for the new $35,000 store building of McKeirnan Hardware & Implement co., south of the Seeley theatre, was started this week by Ernest Poe of Clarkston.

-- Down Memory Lane column for 1946 in the 5/16/57 issue of the EW

Pirate Den

An article in the March 4, 1971, East Washingtonian warns of the Den's imminent closing:

Den's Closing Reasons Given

"Pirates' Den" will close its doors March 19, unless volume expands extensively in the next two weeks.

This was the opinion of Jerry Sherman, manager of the youth-owned business and youth club on Main street.

Sherman said that the Den was opened on the hope that enough business would be developed to pay the bills. He said it was his belief that a small amount of support from most parents, such as each eating in the den once a month along with regular student purchases would be enough. The parents haven't come in and volume is just enough to pay current expenses.

Youth club members met Sunday and launched a drive to get their parents to come in at least once, Troy Berglund, club president, said. They have two weeks to develop the volume of the den, which is their "clubhouse," or it will have to close.

Sherman said that no more donations would be accepted from local groups, because the donations were going into a losing cause. "What we want is for them to come in and purchase a meal."

Sherman explained that the organization was formed based on cooperation. "Vearl Johnson and the McKeirnan estate have given us low rent for a three months period; Ellen Ramos and her employes came over and bought their dinners here one night and ate them in her cafe; the students have given all the help needed—we have waiting lists for volunteer help," he said. But there are very few grownups who ever come in or order food by phone to be delivered.

A sign posted on the window was the result of that cooperation being ignored on the part of students. Two cue sticks were broken and several posters were stolen because the students did not police themselves. "We always have a regular, paid employee here, but we can't and shouldn't watch everyone every minute." He added that the thefts were largely cleared up after the sign was posted.

From the front page of the June 4, 1981, East Washingtonian. (Cross-posted on the Hotel Revere page.)

Bunch relocates Pomeroy Auto Parts

Picture of Larry Bunch preparing to move the Pomeroy Auto Parts furnishings from the Revere to the McKeirnan building.

Larry Bunch pries away the facing from his stock shelves Monday as he and crews from NAPA moved his store from Revere Hotel to its new location in the McKeirnan building. (Here's the rest of the story.)

Brown's Drugs

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