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June 4, 1982

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Bunch relocates Pomeroy Auto Parts

Larry Bunch pries away the facing from his stock shelves Monday as he and crews from NAPA moved his store from Revere Hotel to its new location in the McKeirnan building.

Larry Bunch relocated his auto parts business this week, moving from its former location in the Revere Hotel to the McKeirnan Building on Main Street. The new site has been vacant for a little over a year, and most recently was the home of Windy's Department Store.

Bunch said the reason for the relocation was the fact that the Revere Hotel store was less than ideal, and that the new building will allow him more display area.

"The fate of this building doesn't appear to be favorable," he said. "The roof's starting to leak, and I thought that this would be the time to make a move when there's a building vacant to move into."

The packaging of the merchandise he sells also made the move desirable, he said. "It's being packaged more for impulse buying," he said. "This will give me more room to display the merchandise."

Bunch said that as far as he knew, there was no truth to the stories that the Revere Hotel had been sold and will be demolished.

Bunch has owned Pomeroy Auto Parts since 1977 when he purchased the business from Viola Rickman. The business has been in the same location since being founded by Ray Bottoroff about 35 years ago.

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