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Storey's Tire Factory, Pomeroy Washington, 2021

Storey's Tire Factory, Spring 2021

Stanley's OK Tire Rubber Welders (Site ID 20)

Current (2021) address: 897 Main street
1953 address: 980 Main street

Classification: Historic Contributing

Dick Stanley completed the O.K. Rubber Welders (O.K. Tire Shop) in June, 1952. Stanley moved his business to this location from 865 Main Street where he had started the tire shop in 1948. Stanley sold the business in late 1968 to Jim and Linda Storey who kept the "OK Tire" but got rid of the "Stanley's." As of early 2021, the building is still used as a tire shop (Storey's Tire Factory), although the owner is trying to sell the business.

Constructed in 1952, the one-story concrete block building has a sloped roof with a wood shake shed roof parapet and two bays separated by concrete block pilasters. The east bay has a large paneled garage door and the west bay accommodates the repair bay. A large multi-pane window is on the rear (north) elevation. The building was remodeled in the early 1980s including the addition of a Buckaroo Revival awning.

Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

From the East Washingtonian during August, 1956.

Stanley Boys Fly

A small bit from a February, 1958, EW:


Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stanley attended a two-day O. K. Rubber Welders school in Portland Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Front View of Stanley's OK Tires, Pomeroy, maybe 1960s

Looks like the mid 1960s in this view when it's gone from OK Rubber Welders to OK Tire Store

Storey's O.K. Tire Store

An article from the March 16, 1978, issue of the East Washingtonian told of fire hydrant excitement on Main street.

Fire hydrant causes 'fire works'

Work of relocating a fire hydrant on Main Street has stopped temporarily, but there were fireworks while the work was continuing.

City officials decided to move the fire plug up the street to a "safer location," after it had been knocked off by a car during the early morning hours of March 1. The car slid out of control because of ice on the street.

The hydrant, which is located near the entrance to O.K. Tire Store's alignment room, has been knocked off before, at least once by vehicles going in or out of the alignment or tire changing room.

City Director of Public Works Max Rich proposed that O.K. Tire owner Jim Storey help with the cost of moving the hydrant, since the entrance to his alignment room would be improved. Storey, however, turned Rich down.

"I asked the city two years ago if the fire hydrant could be moved, but Rich said no," Storey said. So, when Rich came around this time, "I told them they'd have to do it without my help."

Rich said the hydrant pre-dates the tire store building by many years, so the city was under no obligation to move the hydrant.

But the disagreement is not the only problem. Water was turned off for a time when the hydrant cutoff valve was moved and some local businesses were not notified. Dr. Scott Smith was forced to cancel several dental appointments because his equipment is water cooled.

Another problem was that dirt was piled in front of the front end alignment room. Storey said that the city crew started digging with no warning, so a pickup truck belonging to the state was "trapped" inside. State employees helped doze the dirt Thursday afternoon so they could get to the pickup.

Work is stopped at this time until another valve is located, Rich said.

Wandering Pomeroy's Main Street


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