3rd Floor Former Sewing Room

Flooring going up (or down?) in the Living Room and Dining Room

Here's Brittany putting down the underlayment stuff.


Here she is still putting it down. She's finishing up about 450 sq ft. 

Obligatory picture of snow (really! It was snowing, just really lightly) from the 3rd Floor Dining Room window.

The Three Faces of Eve. No... actually three phases of flooring (out of four, I'll have to get a picture of the subfloor). Right to left you have the plywood, underlayment, and finished floor. The far end shows the bases for the bookcases plus the "coal burning" gas fireplace that'll be going soon.

Hold and push, Hold and push. Lots of planks


There are some more pictures of various phases of renovation at HistoricPomeroy.com