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October 25, 1924

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Hold Special League Meeting and Frolic at Park

Paul Phillips, Frank Queen, Jobo Jasimura, Virgil McFarland and M. Barnes, members of the deputation team from Washington State College, were in Pomeroy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They came at the invitation of the Christian Endeavor and the Epworth League, to hold some special meetings in the interests of the young people of the town. Friday evening.the meeting was held at the Christian church, members of the college team making short talks. After the devotional service, those present adjourned to the basement, where an hour was spent in playing games. Refreshments were served.

Saturday afternoon the boys of the town were guests of the deputation team at the city ball park, where outdoor activities including a football game, a hike, "stunts," and a weiner roast, were enjoyed.

1924 Halloween Danc, art

Other meetings were held Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, besides which the visitors took charge of the Sunday morning, service at the Methodsit [sic] church and presided over a joint session of the League and Endeavor Sunday evening.

All meetings were well attended.

Mr. Phillips is a nephew of Mrs. J. L. Horrell.


Harmony Club Gives Hallowe'en Party at Friday's Meeting

The Harmony club seemed to take on new life at the meeting Friday, held at the home of the president, Mrs. F. H. Pyle, with Mrs. M. H. Dixon assisting in entertaining. The rooms were decorated with black cats, witches and pumpkins. During the telling of ghost stories by Mrs. E. U. Ramsay and Mrs. E. Halterman, the rooms were dark, deepening the effect of the awe-inspiring situation. Contests in keeping With hallowe'en were held, and Mrs. J. A. Craig and Mrs. S. P. Dixon won prizes.

After an absence of five years, the members were pleased to again welcome Mrs. Laura Rawnsley. Eight years ago the club was organized with 30 members, seven of whom—Mrs. Rawnsley,Mrs. J. A. Craig, Mrs. C. B. Moore, Mrs. R. O. Harris, Mrs. E. W. Dickson, Mrs. H. E. Burns, and Mrs. A. G. Farley—were at the meeting. Others present besides those mentioned above were Mrs. H. C. Krouse, Mrs. H. C. Keatts, Mrs. F. A. Brown, Mrs. Sue Waldron, Miss Ernestine Houk, Mrs. P. J. Bue, Mrs. D. C. Bunch, Miss Belva Ball, Mrs. J. T. Read, Mrs. F. L. Bingham, Mrs. J. L. Horrell and Mrs. J. A. Buchet.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. T. Read, on November 7.

Personal Mention

Ladies free shampoo one week only, at the Beauty Nook, phone 222.

Mrs. Lenore Render will leave Saturday to spend the winter in Tacoma.

Needle Club Meets

The Needle club held their meeting with Mrs. Gertrude Webber Wednesday p. m. It was decided that next Wednesday, which is regular tea-day, every one hand in a novelty for the coming sale, which is to be held the second Saturday in December. The club meets with Mrs. G. L. Finch next Wednesday. Present with Mrs. Webber on Wednesday afternoon, Were Mrs. L. J. Mack, Mrs. T. A. Bowne, Mrs. Clarence Moore, Mrs. E. Ayers, Mrs. Julia Dinkens, Mrs. B. B. Lash, Mrs. E. G. Powell, Mrs. I. Tewalt, Mrs. Joe Kidwell, Mrs. Lee Garren, Mrs. F. Burt, Mrs. A. L. Tefft, Mrs. Stanley Dixon, Mrs. E. W. Dickson, Mrs. F. L. Bingham, Mrs. E. U. Ramsay. Visitors were Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Stahl, Mrs. Dimmick.

Mrs. J. A. Armstrong Hostess

Mrs. J. A. Armstrong entertained the Altar society Wednesday afternoon. Committees were appointed and arrangements made for the bazaar to be held in November. The following were present: Mrs. Hattie McKeirnan, Mrs. W. L. Meyers, Mrs. N. Thoma, Mrs. C. A. McCabe, Mrs. F. Schuster, Mrs. R. J. McKeirnan, Mrs. S. A. Feider, Mrs. M. Palmer, Miss Bertha Feider.

Girls Make Trip to Farm

The Wikapi Nahon Camp Fire group spent Sunday afternoon at the home of one of their members, Blanche Keatts. Games were played and refreshments were served. Mrs. Harold Rickman, J. T. Patterson and Mrs. E. A. Patterson took them out to the farm in their cars. The guests were, Miss Morgan, Miss Barron, Miss Roeder, J. T. Patterson, Mrs. Harold Rickman, Miss Beale and Miss Huff. The members of the group were, Myrn Patterson, Frances Goetze, Gladys Horrell, Viola Rickman, Agnes McKeirnan, Marguerite Sherfey, and Mrs. E. A. Patterson, the guardian of the group.

Spe Group Holds Council

Tuesday evening at seven-thirty, the Spe group of -the Camp Fire Girls met and held their council fire. Ten girls who were to become Wood Gatherers, received their ceremonial gowns and Camp Fire rings. Those present were: Ella Miller, Le-ona Bue, Myrn Henley, Winifred Becker, Louise Fitzgerald, Ruth Bowne, Angeline Schaaf, Eva Baden, Evelyn Ward, Dorothea Taylor, Elizabeth Dickson, Dorothy Kuykendall, Mrs. Ralph Boyles and Miss Helen Rittler.—Dorothy Kuykendall, reporter.

Legion Auxiliary Meets

The Legion Auxiliary met with Mrs. L. E. Koenig, Mrs. O. E. Koenig and Mrs. Osa Cannon as hostesses, at the home of Mrs. O. E. Koenig. Those present were Mrs. D. E. Smith, Mrs. Verle Whittaker, Mrs. A. L. Tefft, Mrs. R. B. Dickson, Mrs. Frank Fitzgerald, Mrs. Harold Fitzgerald, Mrs. F. H. Pyle, Mrs. Wyrn Baldwin, Mrs. C. E. Obenland, Mrs. Walter Oliver, Mrs. Harry Malone, Mrs. A. J. Buchet, Mrs. Ed Buchet, Mrs. Paul Potter, Mrs. R. R. Quine, Mrs. Bryan Rauch, Mrs. L. N. Garren, Mrs. Lee Armstrong, Mrs. F. A. Bennett. Mrs. J. C. Raupach was a guest. The auxiliary will entertain the members of the Legion on Hallowe'en night.

Missionary Society to Meet

The woman's foreign missionary society will meet Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 28, at the home of Mrs. J. T. Read. As this is the annual due day a good attendance is desired.

To Have Program and Dance

There will be held on Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Pleasant Ridge school-house at 8:30 p. m., a Hallowe'en program followed by a dance. Every one is invited to come and enjoy the fun and frolic. Lunch served at 12:00.

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