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August 9, 1924

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Grocery Department Expanded, Elevator Moved to Rear

Koenig & Co. expansion, 1924

The busy after-harvest season is being anticipated by L. F. Koenig & Company by alterations in the arrangement of stocks which affect more than half of the floorspace occupied by the concern in the Revere hotel building. The elevator has been moved to the extreme rear of the building, giving more space for the dry goods stock in the front room.

The most important change affects the grocery department, which now occupies a large, airy room entirely apart from the rest of the store. Under the new arrangement the grocery department has more than three times the floor space formerly occupied by it, and the manager, O. E. Koenig, is expanding the lines of canned goods, fresh produce and other groceries to lit the additional room at his disposal.

A line of dishes and glassware, formerly carried on the balcony, will also now be found in the grocery department. The department will specialize in fresh groceries, and in large-size orders of canned goods.

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