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August 23, 1924

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Standard Oil Maintains Station Which Is Credit to City of Pomeroy

Justly proud of the Standard Oil property and trade in Pomeroy, is E. W. Dickson, the local manager. Beginning with one wagon, which he drove himself in 1914, Mr. Dickson has seen the business increase until it has grown to be one of first importance in the community.

Disksons, Pomeroy, 1924

The company has a well equipped sub-station, which is kept in fine condition. The plant includes a warehouse, three tanks, with a capacity of 19,432 gallons each, and a stable for the two horses and two wagons now in use. Two automobiles are also used by the manager and distributing force.

A pumping plant, operated by a five-horse power engine fills the tanks from the supply at the warehouse with gasoline, Pearl Oil and distillate.

Other well known products are sold from containers in the warehouse.

The present force includes F. A. DeVlemming, driver of the distributing wagon, G. W. Gorrell, clerk, and Noble Baldwin, warehouseman.

Last year the sales at this sub-station amounted to 362,000 gallons. This year will show a material increase, Manager Dickson says.

The team of blacks used for distributing about town, is one of the finest pair of horses in Garfield county, being perfectly matched, well proportioned, and weighing about 1900 pounds each. They are the pride of their driver and keeper.

Pomeroy and Pataha together now consume about 1000 gallons of gasoline a day.

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