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March 22, 1924

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Rats Caught During Drive Has Saved $4,795
Says L T. Christopherson

Art for article on Central ferry bridge, Pomeroy, 1924

That Pomeroy would take an active part in the celebration of the opening of the bridge at Central ferry to be held in June, was decided at the luncheon of the commercial club at the Pomeroy hotel Monday. O. C. Bartlow stated that arrangements were already being made in Colfax and many delegations from over the state would be present. O. C. Bartlow, R. H. Skill, Dr. J. W. Sherfey and Rev. F. N. Morton were made a committee to consider the program for Pomeroy.

In a talk on rats, L. T. Christopherson said that 99 old and 81 young rats had been caught. He stated that by government statistics, should these rats and their offspring have been allowed to live throughout the year, they would have done $4,795 in damage. Mr. Christopherson displayed a mink fur which had been carried by a rat from the display room of the Pomeroy Millinery store through a hole which had been gnawed by it in the floor. The fur was completely ruined.

In a discussion on publicity for this county, C. E. Kuykendall, president of the club stated that some of the best peach land in the United States lays along Snake river in this county. That the climate here was healthful because of its variations and that if properly advertised should attrract many home seekers. W. F. Hull also speaking on publicity, said that the Pomeroy schools and athletics were doing a good share of the advertising for this community. Mr. Hull stated that he believed attractive road signs would draw many people through Pomeroy who are now traveling different routes.

Those present were E. O. Crump, Dr. A. L. Tefft, J. O. Long, L. T. Christopherson, Rev. J. H. Thomas, Roy Robinson, Vernon Robinson, W. F. Hull, C. M. Vassar, J. G. Soper, C. E. Kuykendall, Hugh McClung, D. L. Lewis, R. H. Quine, R. H. Skill, Dr. J. W. Sherfey, A. G. Farley and R. J. McKeirnan.

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