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Pomeroy, Garfield County, Washington

Garfield County History

East Washington Newspaper Masthead, 1920s

Saturday, March 12, 1921

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Meeting Held at Courthouse
Tuesday Discusses Highway Project

A meeting of the members of the county commissioners and of repre­sentatives of the Pomeroy commercial club and other citizens interested in road building, was held Monday morning in the commissioners' room, when it was voted to send to the Garfield county legislators at Olympia an endorsement of the legislative road program and a request that the gap between Pomeroy and Dodge be improved at the earliest possible moment.

The meeting grew out of the belief expressed by some persons that the $150,000 appropriation made for the Central ferry bridge should be divert­ed to improvement of the Pataha creek road, west of town.

Says No Change Possible

Attorney Jewett held a telegram he had received from Representative C. M. Baldwin stating that "Investi­gation admits no possible change" of the legislative program. Mr. Jewett thought, however, that it would be a good thing for the meeting to urge upon the highway department the im­mediate improvement of the stretch of road under consideration.

H. H. Hadley took the position that we are getting a lot of construc­tion work as the matter now stands—with $300,000 for the Pomeroy-Clarkston improvement and $150,000 for the bridge. He favored an expression of approval of the road program.

Reviews Past Efforts

J. R. Stevenson reviewed the ef­forts already made for state road construction here and stated that Highway Commissioner James Allen had given him assurance that the road between Pomeroy and Dodge would not be overlooked.

County Engineer W. J. Sisson thought the $31,000 offered by the county for construction work would go a long way toward securing aid. There is a chance, too, he said of getting the federal aid plan restored. If congress restores the law it will afford funds sufficient to complete both Central ferty bridge (estimated to cost $225,000) and Pomeroy-Dodge road, according to Mr. Sisson. E. C. Cluster offered a motion ap­proving the road construction plan as it. now stands and asking improve­ment work on the west-side road as early as posible. The motion unani­mously carried.

Mayor Kuykendall Chairman

Mayor C. E. Kuykendall was chairman of the meeting and W. F. Tay­lor secretary. Among those in attendance were R. D. Williams, H. L. Chard, L. T. Christopherson, O. E. Koenig, H. B. Henley, A. G. Farley, J. H. Schneckloth, Elliot Richardson, W. B. Morris, Fred Matthies, Rev. F. N. Morton, E. R. Schueckloth, Ed Ramsay, F. M. Robinson, J. D. Mill­er, O. E. Crump, T. A. Bowne, W. F. Hull, D. E. Smith, John Morris, J. M. McKeirnan, R. J. McKeirnan, Fred Hungate, J. J. Mcarath, A. Halterman, R. E. Allen, J. M. Felthouse, H. G. Roe, Robert McGliec, J. T. Ledgerwood, S. A. Feider, T. P. Clayton, Herman Baden, Peter McClung.


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