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Maple (Spinner's) Hall, 2021

Maple Hall as seen in 2021

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Maple Hall (Site ID 54)
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67 S Seventh St

The original wooden St. George Hotel was moved to this site in 1901, and used for a rest station and reading room for travelers and farmers shopping in town. The facility had restrooms, showers, and sleeping and reading rooms. The building was torn down in 1928 when Maple Hall was constructed.

The community wanted a hall large enough to accommodate dances, dinners, gatherings, and parties. W.L. Meyers financed the building and the contractor was Nick Pierre. Pierre's crew included Ike Forse, Tom Johnson, Otto Fitzgerald, Mike Sitzberger, and the wiring was completed by Ed Bucket. A time capsule was embedded into the concrete entrance steps that included historical records of the building, an original folding key to the St. George Hotel, wrought iron taken from the hotel, and several copies of the East Washingtonian newspaper. The dedication ball was held on Thanksgiving eve, 29 November 1928, and the maple dance floor tested.

After World War II, the hail became the Jaycee (Junior Chamber) Hall and is currently called Spinner's Hall. For many years, the hall has been used for dances, community gatherings, roller skating, bowling, and receptions.

The one-story building is sited on a corner lot at the intersection of Seventh and Columbia streets. Maple Hall has a gambrel roof covered with seamed metal roofing, brick chimney, pressed sheet metal siding designed in a brick pattern, and horizontal boarding over the south end of the gambrel roof. A diagonal entrance is on the southeast comer and has semicircular steps leading up to the doors. A large, non-contributing neon sign was added above the side door on Seventh Street in 2017.

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From the front page of the East Washingtonian, September 9, 1913, is a reference to county funding of the Allen House:


County Board May Provide Maintenance Fund; Petition Bearing 185 Signatures

The board of county commissioners included in their estimate for 1914 an item of $700 for maintenance of the Reading and Rest Rooms, wbich heretofore have been operated by the W. C. T. U. partly on money donated by the public and partly by money appropriated for the purpose from the funds of the organization.

The women who have had the work in band are much pleased over the favorable consideration shown by the board. However, this estimated expenditure does not settle the matter, but merely paves the way for a necessary fund in case there shall be use for it.

It appears that the board of commissioners upon the presentation of a petition signed by 100 or more tax payers may finance such an establishment. There seem to be two methods of initiation, one by petition and the other by a vote of the people, and we understand, that Attorney Farley favors the latter method. The law seems to make it clear, however, that the commissioners may act on the petition and provide the money and that within the limits of a town the Mayor shall tben appoint a board of five trustees who, without salary, shall conduct the finances of the institution in a business like manner.

The Rev Mr. Treadwell presented as tatement showing that the reading room has 800 volumes, receives 2 daily papers and several magazines and other publications; and that the cost of maintaining the rooms, lights, fuel, matron's salary and every item of expenses during the last 12 months was $659.76.

Monday W. O. Long, W. L. HoweII and C. W. Fitzsimmons became interested in the movement and gave the women a hand in circulating the petitions and many names were added. Following [in the newspaper] is a list of the 185 petitioners, on which, it is stated, the names of 138 taxpayers appear:


Exciting News seen in the May 7, 1936, East Washingtonian:

Spokane Orchestra Plays Here Saturday

Shown above is Phil Sheridan's famous, orchestra of Spokane, which will play a special dance at Maple hall on Saturday, May 9.

This will be the first appearance of this nationally known band in Pomeroy. However, all music lovers and dancers in this community are familiar with the fine brand of music which they provide as they have been heard often on the radio in their broadcasts from the Davenport hotel, and Natatorium Amusement park, where they played long engagements. An elaborate floor show will be presented by the entertainers of the organization, who will also be featured in vocal dance numbers. The orchestra carries its own expensive public address system.

This will no doubt be the finest dance band and entertainment to ever be presented in Pomeroy, Washington.

From the August 12, 1971, "Down Memory Lane" column. The St. George was originally on the corner of 3rd (now 7th) and Main streets from 1878 until 1901, when it was lifted up, carried down to the corner of (then) 3rd and Railroad (now Columbia) and turned 90 degrees. Once the hotel building was moved, it was occupied by the "Allen House," which had been in a building on Main. (Cross-posted on the Revere Hotel page.)

W. L. Meyers has bought of Mrs. Clara Lanning the property containing the old St. George Hotel building on Third street, opposite the Seeley Theatre. The consideration was $5,000, Mr. Meyers exchanging liberty bonds for the full amount.

From the December 20, 1956, issue of the E-W:

Local Jayceettes Are Organized

A meeting was held in Maple hall Friday evening for the the organization of the Pomeroy Jayceettes.

Present besides the wives of local Jayce [sic] members were ten Jayceettes from Colfax and two from Pullman.

A lot of interest is being shown in the organization, said a spokesman of the new club and the visitors present at the meeting assisted in explaining the purpose of a Jayceette club and telling of projects that could be carried out.

The by-laws will be presented at the next meeting which is scheduled for Maple hall on January 15. Wives of Jaycee members are asked to attend.

They "kicked out" the Jaycees and started up Pomeroy's own "Spinners." Come to their celebratory dance June 10, 1978!

A proposal covered in a July, 1979, isue of the East Washingtonian could have some interesting consequences for Pomeroy:

Maple Hall suggested as center

Members of the Spinners community service organization attended the Garfield County Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night to discuss leasing the club's hall to the senior citizens' program.

The Spinners' proposal is one of several expected. The senior citizens' program expects to receive funding for the center this fall.

Represented by Tom Ruchert, Rick Anthony and Mike McCubbin, the spinners proposed that a renovated Maple Hall would be an ideal place for the senior citizens to meet. They suggested that grant money which will be available here next fall or winter could be used to remodel the building, which would then be available for community, as well as senior citizen use.

Randy Ryan of the Area Agency on Aging said he didn't know what arrangements were required for lease of a building, but any such agreement had to be for a minimum of 10 years. Ryan said the renovation would have to be according to a set of federal regulations which require the rest-rooms all on one floor, access by handicapped, and office space for the three senior citizen programs offered here.

Gilbert Dickson said the Spinners' proposal should go through the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council.

Dickson manages the American Legion Hall, which the senior citizens group presently uses through an agreement with the Area Agency on Aging. It has been proposed that the county buy the hall.

Pomeroy and Garfield County are budgeted to receive the next fiscal year's grant funds, for acquisition of a senior citizens center. The funds should be available in about October, Ryan said.

The board of commissioners have approved purchase of a building, if funds are available. However, the commissioners are concerned that they will be required to maintain the building in the future if funding for the senior citizens program is stopped. Commissioner Lester Geiger is opposed to the county "getting into real estate."

Ryan was at the meeting to help the commissioners interview applicants for the position of senior citizens' director. No decision was reached.

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