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Photo of W.F. Cluster Building, Pomeroy, Spring 2021

A beautiful building that was as of Spring 2021 used as storage

W. F. Cluster Building (Site ID 32)

Current address: 864 Main Street

1953 address: 968 Main, phone #73

Classification: Historic Contributing

According to the 11 August, 1900, East Washingtonian, William F. and Mary Cluster were planning the construction of a brick building immediately after the 1900 fire. Garfield County pioneers, the Clusters settled on a farm in 1872 before moving to Pomeroy. The Cluster Building was finished around 1903. Cluster's son, E.C., was listed in the 1916 assessor's information as being the owner of the building. An early occupant of the building was the Pantorium Dye Works and Cleaners managed by proprietors Strain and Hilbert. Herres Men's Shop moved into the building in the mid-1940s and had a dry cleaning business in the back.

Through much of the 50's and into the early 60's, the Pantorium Cleaners was operated by Bryan Rauch. He sold the budiness to George Gomsrud of Clarkston on September 1, 1961. (East Washingtonian, Down memory Lane column of September, 1971.)

At the time of the historic nomination, an antique store occupied the structure. It has been used as a storage facility with the windows covered since about 2008.

Built circa 1903, the Cluster Building is a one-story brick building with a projecting pressed sheet metal cornice ornately decorated with bands of squat turned columns, geometric shapes, swirls, and an egg and dart pattern.

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

Washington's Birthday Message from February 1924, East Washingtonian

Pantorium Cleaners, Pomeroy, Washington, from the Pirates' High School Yearbook

From the Down Memory Lane column in an August, 1961, issue of the East Washingtonian, we see:

"Ten Years Ago--1961

"George A. Gomsrud of Clarkston is slated to take over the Pantorium Cleaners on sept. 1, according to Bryan Rauch who has operated the cleaning firm here for many years. Rauch eventually plans to move to Lewiston where he will step into ofice work for the office supply firm owned by his wife. Gomsrud, who has 15 years experience with a Clarkston cleaning establishment, is planning to get his family moved here before school starts."

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