The Owl, Pomeroy WA, January 2021

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Southeast Corner of Current 5th and Main Streets

Description: The earliest extant advertisement from The Owl is in late 1919. It was owned by Kenneth "Babe" Obenland, who sold it to George Hattell in the early 60's. Hattell renamed the establishment back to The Owl, from "Freedom Mart."

The Owl started out selling Conoco gas and switched to Mobil in 1945. [Tony Hattell, Sept 2022] The original station was replaced by Mobil in 1950.

The Owl has undergone several name and brand changes since Hattell sold it around the turn of the millennium and it, as of this writing [Fall, 2020] closed.

The Owl, Pomeroy WA, prior to stuccoing

The earliest photograph of The Owl I have seen. Just look at all those lovely bricks. The "Banker Petroleum Co." truck looks like it has a parade float of the station on the back. .

The Owl, Pomeroy WA, in the early 1940s

A photo from Tony Hattell shows The Owl as it was in the early 1940s.

Babe Obenland and fueling crew from The Owl hiding behind treet, Pomeroy WA

Here's a great photo, courtesy of Tony Hattell, with Babe Obenland and his fueling crew from the Conoco Owl in the 1940s.

The Hattells are featured in this "Down Memory Lane" bit from July of 1971, looking back to 1966:

Mr. and Mrs. George Hattell have moved to Pomeroy from Spokane and he is working for his father-in-law, Babe Obenland, at the Owl Service Station.

The Owl was robbed back in 1978, according to an article from the June 8, 1978, issue of the East Washingtonian.

Not guilty plea entered

A Florida man Tuesday pleaded not guilty to four charges filed against him in connection with a break-in Sunday morning at the Owl Service Station in Pomeroy and damage at the State Liquor Store.

Thomas William Jones, who gave an address of Fort Pierce, Florida, is charged with burglary in the second degree, theft in the second degree and malicious mischief, at the Owl Station and malicious mischief at the liquor store. Bail was set at $5,000,

Jones, who is said to have purchased a bus ticket to Spokane Saturday night, is alleged to have kicked in the front window at the liquor store. He is charged with stealing money and property, valued in excess of $250, and damaging the coin machines, according to Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Josh Grant. Grant listed the items taken as two self-service gas pump contracts, a revolver, a carton of cigarettes and $48.70 in cash.

Police Chief Jack Bunch said Officer Steve Kazda discovered the man asleep in the station. Kazda investigated after seeing a box, which had not been there earlier, by the station's front door. Kazda asked for a backup unit and he and Deputy Bill Taylor made the arrest.

Entry was apparently made through a window, and the coin machines, till and other property in the station were rifled. Items taken were placed in the box.

George Hattell, owner, said important papers and other items were tossed all over the station and the keys to the coin machines were lost.


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