Downtown Pomeroy Historic District
Community Meeting, January 26, 2003

As Downtown Pomeroy, Washington, moves towards its nomination as a National Historic District, consultant Sally Donovan scheduled a community meeting to get citizen input and remembrances of buildings in the proposed District. Community members came and went all afternoon long and it appears that over 50 people attended the Community Meeting, held in the Garfield County Senior Center. The Senior Center building was built in 1887 for the First National Bank of Pomeroy.

Virgil Bowles tells Pomeroy Historic Commission Chairman Beverly L. Adams-Gordon his remembrances about one of the historic buildings in downtown Pomeroy.

Historical District Consultant Sally Donovan listens as  Jim Scoggins shares one of his many interesting stories about Pomeroy and Garfield County.

Virgil Bowles, Muriel Bott, and Juyne Bowles recollect as Adams-Gordon (sitting) records their recollections as quickly as she can.


Juyne Bowles shares information with Pomeroy City Councilman and Historic Commission member Zack Lueck.


Beverly L. Adams-Gordon tells Bruce Howard, husband and assistant of the Historic District consultant, some of the interesting facts she learned from Community Meeting attendees..


A portion of the group attending.


Kathleen Kuhn, Joan K. Herres, and Shawn Martin (City of Pomeroy) share memories that the building photos brought to mind.

Pomeroy City Council member Dennis Gillis and Adams-Gordon examine various insurance maps of downtown Pomeroy -- some from as early as 1908..

Sally Donovan recording oral history from Al and Helen Obenland. Mr. Obenland spent 70 years in business on Main Street.


Historic Commission Member Marjorie Allmaras and Bruce Howard examine some of the fact cards collected during the afternoon..


Muriel Bott, Barbara Bartels, and Edith Cole discuss downtown Pomeroy's history.

Barbara Bartels and Tom Meyers discuss street maps with Bruce Howard looking on.

Johnny Capwell and Neil Keatts compare notes regarding building histories.


Edith Cole and Barbara McClanahan comparing which business occupied a building, while Zack Lueck does his best to keep up the recording.


Jim Scoggins shared volumes of Pomeroy history with Historic Commission member Alverna Godinez.


Kathleen Kuhn and Jim Scoggins tell tales of the "early days" in the county to Bruce Howard.


Whew... As the meeting closed Adams-Gordon and Donovan were all smiles at the great turnout and information collected during the Historic District Community Meeting.