Blogging from Pomeroy on the Palouse
Posted 9/24/09 We've Been Kicked out!

According  to an article on Seattle's KOMO Radio web site,  "Judge bans Pomeranian from Colo. resort town."  A bit closer reading tells us that's it a Pomeranian dog, not a resident of our fair city. That's a relief!

Posted 4/4/09 Judy Garland and Fred Astaire have nothing on Pomeroy's Main Street. Next Sunday, the Buster House Tea Room will be sponsoring an Easter Parade of ladies (gents welcome too!) in their finest hats. Here's more information.
Posted 3/29/09 Well, I'm pleased as punch! My youngest daughter Brittany, who is in her second year of pipe organ lessons up in Pullman placed 2nd in the recent Terry Jordan Scholarship Competition in Moscow Idaho. Not meaning to boast, but our Brittany plays the piano, pipe organ, harp, and sings.
Posted 12/16/09 Whooooo. Baby it's cold outside!

It's been a couple of cold, snowy days here in Pomeroy on the Palouse. While we were seating our guests for the December 13 Nutcracker Tea at the Buster House Tea Room in downtown Pomeroy, a few flakes started falling. They kept coming and coming and coming. When we turned out the lights at the end of the event, we had 3" here in Pomeroy. You can read the story and see the pictures in our expanded section.

City Hall under snow