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Downtown Pomeroy Washington, 1908

Saturday, April 9., 1921

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Every Driver Must Have a Driver's License After July 1; Changes Pointed Out

O. F. Springer, deputy secretary of state in charge of motor vehicles traffic in this section, has issued the following digest of the new rulings for the benefit of automobile owners.

All licenses expire on December 31 of the year in which they are issued. It is unlawful for any person under the age of 16 years to drive a motor vehicle at any time.

No license may be changed from one person to another, but may be changed from one car to another by proper application to the county auditor.

No license is valid unless countersigned by the person or duly authorized agent of firm owning the vehicle licensed.

License certificates properly signed must be carried in container on car at all times.

Vehicle must have proper license plates, one on each side of the vehicle, in plain view and perfectly readable.

Trucks Pay for Load

All trucks will be licensed according to the load they are expected to carry, provided the wheel base is enough, and it is unlawful to carry a larger load than the licensed capacity.

All motor vehicles must have two lights on the front end, showing either white or yellow rays, and not less than one red light on the rear of the vehicle.

All other vehicles of any description, when operated on the public highways, must display a white light on the left side of said vehicle visible from both front and rear at a distance of not less than 200 feet in either direction.

Signal Requirements Shown

All drivers are required to signal with the arm, or other device, when about to turn or stop on the highway.

At all times the vehicle at the right has the right of way.

It is unlawful for any person to leave a vehicle standing upon the main traveled portion of any highway of this state, and it is unlawful to leave any disabled vehicle upon the main traveled portion of the highway after night without having a red light displayed on the rear of said vehicle on the side next to the center of the highway.

In overtaking and passing another Vehicle, it is necessary to give warning by one blast of the horn or other signaling device.

Pedestrians when traveling on the highway at night shall travel on and along the left side of the highway.

It shall be the duty of every driver of a vehicle or animal to keep as close as practicable to the right hand side of the road.

Minimum Fine $15

The minimum fine upon conviction for any of these or other motor vehicle law violations shall be $15, one-half of which goes to the county expense fund, and the other half to the state highway fund.

Immediately upon the sale of any motor vehicle and prior to the date of delivery of the same, the vendor shall remove his license and number plates therefrom, and shall immediately send the secretary of state a statement of such sale, showing the date thereof, the name and address of purchaser, and the name and number of the vehicle. This applies to all persons or firms, as well as to dealers who dispose of or sell a motor vehicle, whether on a cash deal, or in trading for another car.

Display White Light

The law provides a penalty of $15 for failing to provide a white light on any vehicle other than a motor vehicle, when being operated on the highway after dark. This act was deemed necessary for the preservation of the public safety, and is now in force.

All motor vehicle license plates are due and any person operating a motor vehicle without having made application for a license is subject to arrest and a fine of $15.

It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with the cut-out open at any time on any highway or any street.

After July 1st it will be necessary for every driver of a motor vehicle to have a driver's license and no person will be allowed to drive without a license, even when accompanied by a licensed driver, except when such person is being instructed in driving.