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Downtown Pomeroy Washington, 1908

June 1920

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Elizabeth Cardwell Gets High
est Average in Eighth
Grade Exams

Children attending schools in the country districts of Garfield county average higher in their choice of literature than do those of the Pomeroy schools, according to results shown by the recent eighth grade examinations. The state has a list of eight reading circle books, four of which must be read before pupils can receive eighth grade diplomas. Reports from the recent examinations show, according to Miss Frances Gimlin, superintendent of schools, that few of the rural school children have failed to read the required amount and a great many have read more, while only one-third of attendants of the city schools have done the necessary reading.

Elizabeth Cardwell of district No. 11, with a per centage of 94, secured the highest averages in the recent examination and Frances Meyers of the sisters school took second with 93 per cent. Lois Wisenor of district 11 was third with 93 per cent; Claire Cluster, district 11, fourth, 91 per cent; Isabelle Freeburn, district 33, fifth, 90 per cent.

Successful in the examinations were the following: Faye Andrews, Belle Baden, Esther Bryars, Carl Baden, Grace Bishop, Robert Beale, Margaret Barquist, Earl Baker, Carey Bunch, Claire Cluster, George Christensen, Elizabeth Cardwell, Gertrude Crawford, Maude Cabbage, Lola Davis, Gladys Eller, Kenneth Fitzsimmons, Isabel, Freeburn, Mary Foster, Frank Hopkins, Frances, Hoeschrel, Louis Hopkins, Gertrude Hiller, Lowell i Kuykendall, Edna Light.

Helen Morris, Hattle Malone, Vierbie Miller, Frances Meyers, Alva VanAusdle, Eunice Olson, Marie Purcell, Ellen Purcell, Agnes Pierre, Syble Robertson, Vivian Rhodes, Chas. Russel, Albert Snodderly, Edward Snodderly, Grace Smelcer, Mary Thornton, Ruth Tupper, Lavallet Taylor, Maxine Taylor, Leola Tidwell, Zora Thornton, Agnes Waldher, Stanley Warren, Louis Whitmore, Thomas Whitely, Lois Wisenor, Clora Warren.