from 1920

Close Last Gap in Dayton-Colfax Road

George H. Shearer, engineer for the state on the highway constructor work west of town, says surface gravelling is now in progress to close the gap between Dodge siding and Delaney. The rock crusher and two trucks started Monday. Probably six weeks will be required to complete the work, Mr. Shearer says.

With the exception of this stretch between Dodge and Delaney the Inland Empire highway is now open to travel everywhere between Dayton and Colfax. The Meadow Gulch bridge for which an appropriation has been made will be built during the spring or early summer months.

Preparations are going forward to gravel the road east of town, it is said, as there is an emergency fund to take care of any costs, if any occur, in excess of the contract price. It is believed that the state highway department will arrange for further construction at an early date so the work may go on without interruption if possible. The state appropriation of $300,000 probably will complete the road to a connection with the Clarkston improvement. A new contract will have to be made before this work can be started.