September 10, 1936

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Local News Items

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scan of news stories from East Washingtonian

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Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Donaldson returned Tuesday from a vacation trip spent on the coast. They returned home via the Coulee dam and Spokane.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dickson accompanied by Rev. and Mrs. J. Raymond Pite will leave tomorrow morning for Pendleton, Oergon, to take in the first day of the round-up.

Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Crump accompanied by their daughter, Miss Laura, left Sunday for Spokane where they made arrangements for their daughter to attend Kinman business college.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Waldher departed Saturday for a visit with relatives at Shelby, Montana and in Canada, near Calgary. They are making the trip by car and expect to be gone for about two weeks.

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Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Owsley and children returned the first of the week from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Malone in Seattle. They will remain here for about a week visiting relatives before returning to their home at Connell.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stevenson of Hillsboro, Oregon were week end visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Vassar. The Stevensons were accompanied here by Mrs. Sarah Moore who will visit for an indefinite period with her daughter, Mrs. Vassar.

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Thorn of Seaside, Oregon are expected to arrive in Pomeroy some time Sunday to spend a week here visiting with old time frindes according to word received here by friends. Mr. Thorn was formerly manager of the Pacific Power company in Pomeroy. Mrs. Stella Wigand brought to the Washingtonian office samples of produce grown on her mountain farm, that we believe, would have won prizes at almost any fair. The assortment consisted of yellow and green Kentucky wonder beans, onions, gold crab apples and cranberry crab apples.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Krouse, Miss Blanche Thoma and Ed Hiller made up a party that visited the Coulee dam site Sunday. The tourist travel to the dam site was the heaviest on Sunday and Monday it has been since construction began. Officials estimated that 15,000 visited the sight of one of the eighth wonders of the world on those two days.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson and Mr. and Mrs. William Grossman spent last week in the Bend, Oregon country vacationing. Saturday Pete Olson received an SOS call from the party requesting that he send them more money. Pete said they had enough when they left and if they were as reckless as all that with their greenbacks let them "thumb" their way back home. He said, however, he would send them a sack of potatoes.

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Dance to Dutch Groshoff's music, Maple hall/Wednesday, Sept 16. 34-1

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Dutch's 8-piece band at Maple next Wednesday night. Come, join the crowd. 34-1

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Mrs. Delos Smith of Hay has been visiting this week at the home of her father, Charles Dodge.

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Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Bohna and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hender attended a conference of Townsend leaders in Walla Walla Monday.

Frank Kimball and his chauffeur Jack Bartlett, of Oakland, California are guests this week at the L. N. Knettle home. Mr. Kimball is an uncle of Mrs. Knettle.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy McFall left Tuesday for their home in San Bernardino, California, going via Seattle, after visiting several days at the home of Mr. McFall's brother, D. C. McFall.

Mrs. Al Halterman was taken to a Colfax hospital Monday morning where she underwent a major operation. Indications are that Mrs. Halterman will be able to return home in two weeks.

Mrs. J. M. Robinson returned on Tuesday of last week from an eight weeks' visit in California. Mrs. Robinson visited with her daughters, Mrs. Clarence Hubbell and Mrs. Pal Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Fitzsimmons, in company with Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Heinbach of Tualatin, Oregon, recently made a trip to Yellowstone park and Salt Lake City. Mrs. Heinbach is a sister of Mrs. Fitzsimmons.

Atys Cannon, Portland, spent a few days here this week, returning home Wednesday. Mr. Cannon has a good position in a grocery in Portland where he has been employed for several years.

The Eureka Circle club will meet at the home of Mrs. E. B. Porter next Thursday afternoon, September 17. Ladies please bring needles, thimbles and scissors. This will be the first club meeting since early summer.

Miss Lorraine Boyer of Grangeville has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Teel Miss Boyer is a cousin of Mr. Teel, and recently attended the wedding of Miss Betty Rummens in Seattle.

Pleasant Grove grange is planning to have a pot-luck supper at seven Friday night at the usual meeting place, the Green Valley school. The new district deputy will be a guest of the grange for the evening.

Lowell Pierce is confined in a Masson City hospital with a broken leg received while employed on construction work at Coulee Dam. It is understood the accident occurred when a large timber fell, striking Pierce on the leg.

Ida Mae McKeirnan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McKeirnan left Tuesday for Portland, Oregon, to attend Marylhurst academy during the coming school year. She was accompanied to Walla Walla by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowman and Mary Jane Meyers.

Mrs. Minnie Butler returned to her home in Long Beach, California, today by stage, after spending the past two months here visiting friends and attending to business matters. She remarked the summer had been a very enjoyable one for her.

Mrs. Lew Tidwell received a letter from her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sprague, stating that they drove through to Syracuse, New York in nine days, without mishap. Mr. Sprague's parents live at Syracuse and he will likely remain there over the winter as he has a good position.

Mrs. Charles Cox plans to leave next Tuesday for Ventura, California, to visit her daughter, Miss Frances. Miss Cox's engagement to Graydon Coar of Ventura has been announced, the wedding to take place October 11 in Ventura. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Don Williamson, former Pomeroy residents live in Ventura.

Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Bartlow and family spent a delightful 10 days on vacation, returning a fortnight ago. They were in Spokane, at Coulee dam, visited Billy Scott at Okanogan, stopped with friends at Everett, and called on Rev. and Mrs. F. N. Morton who now live in the suburbs of Seattle where Rev. Morton is pastor of a Methodist church.


Mr. and Mrs. August Reverman returned Tuesday in time to vote from, a short vacation over Labor day. They left Saturday and drove to Renton, Washington near Seattle, where they visited two days with Mrs. Reverman's aunt. They ferried to Bremerton and inspected the navy yards. They reported a pleasant trip, for such a short time.

Mrs. Eliza Bentley has been quite ill at her home in the Skyhock vicinity. Her two daughters, Mrs. Dick Baden and Mrs. Bill Baden, are with her. She suffered a heart attack Sunday, but is somewhat improved at present.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baden spent several days with their grandchildren, Raymond and Helen Reverman last week, while Mr. and Mrs. Reverman were gone on a trip to the coast.

Our two schools have opened again, in charge of Mrs. Ada Messenger McDonough at Skyhock, and Miss Frances Pierre at Green Valley. Students enrolled at Skyhock are Billy, Bobby and Betty Slaybaugh; Mable Louise Brockman, Harold Waldher, and Marian and Allen Robertson. Green Valley has enrolled three beginners, Wilbur Geiger, Darrel Bartels and Phillip Crawford, besides Jimmy and Freda Fern Warden, Dorothy Geiger, Bobby Warren and Denzil Bartels.


Dutch Groshoff's eight-piece band, of Spokane, will be at the Maple next Wednesday, September 16. This group has been playing at Honeymoon Bay for the past summer season, and their popularity is attested by the crowds attending. Dutch has played here several times, and has a big following here as elsewhere.

Buy window glass at Meyers' Hardware.

Ladies and children, you are always welcome at the Evergreen.

There is another one of those special Wearever aluminum sales on at Brown's Hardware now.

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