August 1924

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Committee Names Pomeroy Girl
to Enter Lewiston-Clarkston Contest

Miss Helen Meyers, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Meyers, has been chosen as Pomeroy's contestant for the honor of queen of the D. O. K. K. water carnival, at Clarkston beach, August 7-9, according to announcement made by the committee of arrangements following a meeting held Tuesday.

The committee is composed of Mrs. H. H. Cardwell, chairman, Mrs. E. C. Cluster, Mrs. A. G. Farley, Mrs, Earl Dean and Mrs. D. Ruark.

Dokey Water Carnival ad, 1924

A ticket sale to help finance the carnival will be conducted by the local D. O. K. K. organization, according to E. C. Cluster, who has charge of the arrangements here.

"This will be one of the best water carnivals of the west," Mr. Cluster said.

"A leading carnival company has been engaged to furnish entertainment for young and old children.

"A monstrous dancing pavilion will be erected where dance lovers can dance to the music of Mann's professional orchestra. In an enclosed section of the river all the water sports will take place. These include surf riding by professional men and women, high diving, endurance contests, canoe tilting, log rolling, and the "Baby's Bathing Beauty" show.

Selection of Queen to Feature

"The main feature of the first evening will be the selection of the Bathing Beauty queen, who will be chosen from the contestants sent in by the various towns.

"Only one contestant can be sent from each town, so the small town has just as good a chance to land their candidate in the queen's chair as the large town."

Some of the rules governing the selection of the queen at the carnival are as follows:

"Candidates must be of the age of sixteen years or over and must be acceptable to both the local committee which they wish to represent and the contest committee of the carnival. Candidates need not be swimmers.

"The expenses of the candidates will be paid by the carnival committee. Costumes for the queen and her maids of honor will be furnished by the committee.

Candidates Must Report

"All candidates, elected to represent their respective localities, shall report to E. A. White, at Lewis Clark hotel, on August 7th, at five o'clock p. m. for instructions. Costumes for the contest to be swimming suits with capes. Stockings and pumps may be worn if desired.

"Selection of the queen will be made on the stage as part of the carnival program, by three judges who shall confer together and announce their selection of first, second and third choice. Their decision shall be based on general appearances and attractiveness.>/p>

"The candidates named as first choice shall be queen of the carnival and those selected as second and third choice shall be maids of honor, to the queen. The coronation ceremonies will be held on the stage in front of the grandstand, on August 8th.

"The queen will present the prizes to the winners of the different events August 9th from the stage, and perform such other duties as the committee may request.

"Prizes in queen contest: first, $50; second, $25; third, $25."

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