May, 1924

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Sixty Gather at Camp Grounds on the Tucannon

SKYHOOK, April 29.—About sixty friends of Miss Mioma Krels and Clem Baden gathered Sunday at the camp grounds on Tucannon, where they surprised the two young people and helped to celebrate their birthdays. A picnic dinner, including the necessary birthday cake with candles, was served at one o'clock. Sports enjoyed during the day were racing, fishing and car riding. About five o'clock all departed for their homes, wishing that birthdays came more often than once a year.

illustration for Local News, May, 1924

On the return trip the crowd was delayed by meeting a house in the road. A Mr. Clark was moving his house to a new location and accidentally collided with a tree. While delayed the boys from the picnic generously aided in cutting down trees and removing brush so we could pass on.

Those who were present to enjoy the day were Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert O^den, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krels, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scoggin, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Slaybaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Scoggin, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Neible, Mrs. Ol-lie Clark, Mrs. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baden, Sammie and Velma Robertson, Joe Martin, Leone Robertson, Berdina Ogden, Mioma Krels, Ethel Sisson, Elnora White, Johnny Bosley, Perry Mallory, Leslie Harris, Verla, Lola and Howard Scoggin, Leslie Wisenor, Evelyn Light, Cecil, Norma, Kenneth, Myrn and Bennie Slaybaugh, Thiron and Nora Crawford, Charles McMonagle, Clara, Stanley and Ernestine Warren, Madelyn and Rederick Clark, Henry, Clem and Chris Baden, Floyd and Jake Cormier, J. C. Robertson, Syble Robertson, Wilma and Jean Lewis, Eva Baden and Lester Martin.

Altar Society Meets

The Altar society met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. J. Waldher. The following were present; Mrs. S. A. Feider, Mrs. John Landkammer, Mrs. Mangan, Mrs. F. Schuster, Mrs. A. Waldher, Mrs. E. J. McGrath, Mrs. W. L. Meyers, Mrs. C. A. McCabe, Mrs. P. Sura, Mrs. N. Pierre, Mrs. K. Graaf, Miss Rosina Thoma, Miss Bertha Feider, Miss Freida Yochum.

Personal Mention

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Gimlin were In Pomeroy Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gimlin are employed in the J. C. Penney Co. store at Pullman.


Former Whitman Students to Have Seven O'clock Dinner Here

Former students of Whitman college living in Pomeroy and vicinity are to attend a "round-the-world" dinner which will mark the opening of the campaign to raise $1,500,000 for that institution on May 2. From California to Maine the alumni of Whitman are to launch this money-raising drive simultaneously. Plans call for holding a branch dinner in every locality where there are five or more former students of the college Dinners are expected to be held in more than 100 cities in every state, and in three foreign countries.

The local dinner is to be held in the Pomeroy hotel at 7:00 p. m. Miss Florence Long will preside and Professor W. H. Bleakney of Whitman college, and Miss Kathryn Morgan will speak.

Whitman college needs $1,000,000 for endowment of professors' salaries and $500,000 for new buildings. The local campaign is being conducted under the leadership of J .F. Burr, chairman for the sixth district. Other Whitman students who are to take an active part in the drive are Miss Kathryn Morgan, Miss Florence Long and Fred Strain.


Celebrate 106th Anniversary With Speaking, Music and Readings

The Oddfellows celebrated the 106th anniversary of the order Tuesday night, at Union hall, there being about 175 members and guests in attendance. The program included a piano solo by Gladys Horrell, reading by Betty Robinson in costume, song by Jerome Bue and Denzil Miller in costume, reading by Hazel Baker, reading by Marguerete Sherfey, song by Lucile Bue, readmg by Mrs. Emma Elsensohn, singing by high school glee club, reading by Elizabeth Patterson, reading, original poem, by Mrs. H. C. Krouse, song by Miss Zorah Thornton, quartet, Rev. J. H. Thomas, F. A. De Vleming, M. W. Fitzsimmons and Archie Holmes.

Mrs. E. W. Dickson, with a few appropriate words, presented Mrs. S. N. Robertson with a 15-year Rebek-ah veteran jewel. This was surprise, and proved that women can keep a secret, as only three persons in the room were aware of this part of the entertainment. Lunch, presided over by Mrs. M. H. Dixon, Mrs. J. L. Horrell, Mrs. C. G. Cannon, Mrs. M. M. Corey, Mrs. J. T. Read, Mrs. Mary O'Kinga, Mrs. P. J. Bue, Mrs. A. J. Buchet and Mrs. James Patterson, was served.

The Rebekahs treated themselves to a "kitchen shower," a large assortment of dishes being received.

The principal feature of the celebration was an able address by Attorney A. G. Farley,

Personal Mention

Fred Whitmore is back from Portland for another stay in Pomeroy.

Special sale of hats and corsets beginning today. Pomeroy Millinery.

Place Newman was here from Spokane Wednesday visiting W. F. Hull.

Coming: "Mother Mine," by the Methodist ladies' aid.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Adams and John Von Hemert made a business trip to Moscow Tuesday.

Coming: "Mother Mine," by the Methodist ladies' aid.

Dennis C. Guernsey was here from Dayton several days this week visiting his niece, Mrs. C. E. Courtney.

Frank Graham is home from Walla Walla where he had been for six weeks under the care of a doctor.

Price our hats and corsets now. will want one. Pomeroy Millinery.

Miss Agnes Graham, teacher of the fourth grade in the Pomeroy school, is seriously ill with quinsy.

Price our hats and corsets now. will want one. Pomeroy Millinery.

Special sale of hats and corsets beginning today. Pomeroy Millinery.

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