May 17, 1924

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High School Exercises, Held Important Annual Event Here, to Be May 20


Parochial School Closing to Be Held In Seeley Theatre on Thursday May 22

Commencement exercises at which the graduation will be completed of 18 young men and 18 young women from Pomeroy high school will be held at the Seeley theatre on next Tuesday night at 8 o'clock.

portrait of violinist Alex Skovgaard, 1924

The program prepared for this occasion, which has come to be regarded as an annual event of much importance, and which never fails to pack the largest assembly room in the city, is as follows:


Invocation—Rev. J. H. Thomas.

Salutatory—Kenneth Fitzsimmons.

Music, duet—Leola Tidwell, Martina Yochum, "Hark, Hark, the Lark."

Address—Prof. W. R. Davis.

Valedictory—Elizabeth Cardwell.

Presentation of Diplomas—Frank Burt.

Parochial School Program

The following program will be given by the parochial school at the Seeley theatre, Thursday, May 22:

"To Victory," march, string sextette—Two violins, Winifred Becker and Agnes McKeirnan; two ukeles, Betty Henley and Ruth McKeirnan; banjo, Irene McKeirnan, piano, Florence McKeirnan.

European Experiences," lecture—Rt. Rev. Bishop A. F. Schinner, D. D.

"Sylvan Sprites," waltz, piano trio. Janet Schneckloth, Ruth McKeirnan, Kathleen McCabe.

Song and drill fantastique—eight girls.

Birthday Gavotte, piano trio— Ruth Bowne, Katherine Armstrong and Irene McKeirnan.

"The Parochial School and Taxes," speech—Harry Schuster.

"The Minister's Mistake," humorous—Florence Berringer.

Evening Song, piano trio—Anna Thoma, Cecil Waldher and Dorothy Meyers.

"Coming Through the Rye," drill —Two boys and two girls.

"Hip! Hip! Gallop," piano trio-Winifred Becker, Marcel Thoma and Florence McKeirnan.

"The Old Hat," diologue—Two Boys.

"True Blue, Forget Me Not," song —Banjo, Irene McKeirnan, ukuleles, Betty Henley and Ruth McKeirnan; piano, Myrn Henley; vocal, Agnes McKeirnan, Dorothy Meyers arid Anna Thoma.

"Air de Chasse," piano trio with violin solo—Ruth, Irene, Katherine and Agnes McKeirnan.

"What Would You Take for My Papa?" vocal—Eugene Schuster, piano, Irene McKeirnan.

Girard Gavotte, piano trio—Ruth McKeirnan, Martha and Dorothy Meyers.

Motion pictures.

Eighth Grade Exercises

Following is the program for the eighth grade graduation exercises to be held in the Methodist church on May 22 at 8:00 o'clock p. m.

Introductory march.............Miss Mills

Invocation ...........Rev. F. N. Morton

Salutatory address .. Clement Fitzsimmons

Violin solo ..................Archie Holmes

Class History ..................Doris Miller

Trio........Dorothy Pegg, Helen Pierce, Leona Bue

Reading ............ Elizabeth Patterson

Class Prophecy ....Marguerete Sherfey

Address .......................... Dr. Sherfey

Valedictory address ....Gladys Horrell

Presentation of diplomas ...... A. L. Cabbage.

Chorus ................Eighth Grade Class

At the eighth grade banquet Friday evening Myrn Patterson acted as toastmaster and talks were made by Carlyle Brown, Blanche Keatts, Shirley Dixon, Frances Goetze, Carl Powell, Ronald Ward and Helen Pearce, the class president. Guests of honor were A. L. Cabbage, grade principal, H. M. Ridenour, superintendent, and Miss Beale of the grade faculty. Among the recognized patrons of the class in attendance were Mrs. A. L. Tefft, W. D. Rickman, Mrs. James Patterson and Mrs. J. L. Horrell.

Baccalaureate Service

The baccalaureate service will be held Sunday. The program follows:


Invocation by Rev. F. N. Morton.

Music, "All Hail the Power."

Solo, Miss Roeder.

Music, "Love Divine."

Benediction, Rev. F. N. Morton.

Fire in Sheep Range

Len Jackson had to divert his band of over 4000 sheep en route to Idaho mountains to the Crooked Fort district because of fire near his Idaho sheep range. John Broyles had charge of the sheep.

Two Cases Scarlet Fever

Tony Berringer's 7-year-old son and Dr. R. R. Walton's 6-year-old son have scarlet fever.

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