February, 1921

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Spokane Landscape Architect
Suggests New Trees
for Park

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Extensive improvements to the courthouse lawn are to be made this spring under the direction of the civic olub if the permission of the commissioners can be secured, according to arrangements made at a special meeting of the club held Wednesday afternoon. At the meeting the organization heard the report of E. A. Davidson, Spokane landscape architect, who had previously made a survey of the city's parking system upon which his recommendations were based.

Mr. Davidson, after inspecting the triangular plot at the corner of Columbia and Third, the city park and the Brown park near the city hall, as well as the school yard and the court house lawn, advised that the club concentrate its efforts on improvement of the city park. He favored location of the swimming pool in the vicinity of the park, and the purchase of the Cosgrove property and the locust grove.

Immediate efforts towards improving the Brown park were discouraged by Mr. Davidson because of the expense involved. He recommended planting of slow-growing trees in the city park, the present ones, he said, being of the short-lived variety.

Plans for the courthouse improvement, which include trees, flowers and shrubs, will be prepared by Mr. Davidson if permission to do the work is received from the county commissioners. The undertaking is to be further considered by the civic club at its next regular meeting, the first Tuesday in March.

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