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July 2, 1920

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The concil [sic] in a vote of four to three, Wednesday night, supported the plan to buy the Cosgrove spring and four acres of land to be improved for a swimming pool and automobile camp ground.

Those voting yes on the question were Simenstad, Engleson, Robinson and Taylor. Opposing it were Henley, Lyon and Long.

The council met in special session to consider the project, which had been presented to a massmeeting composed of 36 men and women on the night before, and unamiously approved.

Appearing for the Civic club at the massmeeting were the president, Mrs. H. H. Cardwell, Mrs. E. W. Dickson, Mrs. C. M. Vassar, Mrs. W. H. Mast and Mrs. Frank Cardell.

The president told the work done by the club, extending over several months to bring about conditions that would enable the city to buy this property on a safe basis.

The Cosgroves would not sell without including the hill land in the deal. D. B. Williams had made an offer that would make the price to the city $2750, for the spring and four acres, including the locust grove on the flat. Mr. Williams would reserve, however, the right to take water for stock from the spring.

The massmeeting was called by Mayor C. E. Kuykendall, who was elected chairman of the meeting.

Among those speaking in favor of the project were Judge M. F. Gose, C. A. McCabe and L. W. Brown.

It is understood the civic club will do the improvement work without cost to the city.

[Note from 2019: It appears that the term "massmeeting" was considered one word in the style book employed by Peter McClung, Ray McClung, and Hugh McClung in 1920 ]