Pomeroy Washington Downtown
National Historic District

L. F. Koenig's in the Saint George Hotel

Historic Advertisements from Pomeroy's Past

From the June 30, 1960 issue of the
Pomeroy East Washingtonian

Grocery Stores

If you remember Peoples Market, you probably remember Planetary Pizza.

On Main in Downtown. Today you can sit there and enjoy the downtown park.
(One of the few companies here that was around in both the 1920s and the 1960s.)


And if you lived in Pataha, you could shop here.

Auto, vehicle and farm implements related

Farming may have changed in 60 years, but Farm & Home is still here.

If you wanted to drive to the Valley to buy a car.


J. Hand Sells to Grange Supply

Jack Hand, owner of Jack's Auto Clinic, reported to the E. W. this week that he has sold all equipment and parts to the Pomeroy Grange Supply and that he will in the future work for the Grange.

Jack's Auto Clinc first started in a building at Sixth and Main, which used to house Bottorff's Pontiac, and when the forest service moved out of the Koller bulding Jack's Auto Clinic moved in.

After five and one half years Jack says he is appreciative to the people of Pomeroy and Garfield county for the patronage they have given him and it is with much regret that he has to announce his closing.





Not James anymore, but still a McCabe.

The name may have changed a bit, but you can still find it downtown

Who remembers bank books?

Drug Stores


Just a short walk from the other drug store

and . . . .

Among other things, they ran the cable from the receiver on the top of the Alpowa so you could watch KLEW if you wanted.

From the obituary of D.D. (Bud) Howell (https://lmtribune.com/northwest/d-d-bud-howell-cable-tv-pioneer/article_9d473a4b-b5e0-5ec5-a19f-72fcd98f3ee8.html) "He ... bought Christiansen-Rauch Cablevision at Pomeroy in 1960. He retired in 1988 and sold the Pomeroy Cablevision to TCI Cablevision."