Downtown Pomeroy Historic Preservation Commission

The following people are the current voting members of the Commission:

Beverly L. Adams-Gordon is the co-owner of the historic Hotel Revere, located at the corner of Main Street and 7th in downtown Pomeroy. Beverly serves as the Chairwoman of the Commission and is also a member of the Pomeroy Historic Committee.   (Term ends in September, 2006.)

Marjorie Allmaris is the owner of the St. George House in Pomeroy. This home was built by Harry and Martha St. George in the early 1900's.  (Term ends in September, 2005.)

Maxine Cox A lifelong resident of Pomeroy, Mrs. Cox represents institutional buildings on the Commission.  (Term ends in September, 2004.)

Bruce Crossfield, a teacher in the Pomeroy Schools represents residential buildings.  (Term ends in September, 2005.)

Alverna Godinez, formerly owner of The Metro Antiques in downtown Pomeroy has a strong interest in the history and revitalization of Pomeroy. Since the early 1990s, she has held a controlling interest in at least seven buildings. (Term ends in September, 2004.)

Lisa Lund, owner of the Cardwell Building, at the corner of 7th and Main in downtown Pomeroy. Built  in 1891, the building currently houses the Pomeroy Exercise Center.  (Term ends in September, 2006.)

Zachary Lueck A Pomeroy native, he is owner of the Seeley Opera House, located in downtown Pomeroy on 7th Street. Since the early 1980s, through his ownership, he has protected a large part of downtown Pomeroy from demolition. Zack serves as secretary to the Pomeroy Historic Commission.   (Term ends in September, 2006.)


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